Monday, February 22, 2010

:: As time past by…. ::

Yesterday, i wake up as usual take my time to get ready and out of the green suddenly i just stop and take out an old note book from my abandon blue bag. Opening the book is just like opening a close chapter in my life. Everything that i scribble there comes back to me just like it happening right there n then in front of my eyes. As if the book can talk and the time can be rewind but it cant right. To wish for something like that is like hoping for snow falling in malaysia where i know is impossible. Sometime you wish that you never done something, or somebody never did anything to you but it had happened. No matter how badly you ask, the mistake had been done and the pain and the scar is still hurtful. To forgive and to forget is totally new thing. I forgive but it very hard for me to forget. Maybe i'm afraid to be hurt again maybe my heart is telling me that its enough. How can i learn to start a new. Can somebody teach me how....

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